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Karate Practice
Blackbelt Breaking a Stack of Boards
Karate Belt
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Legacy TKD  Martial Arts Academy is a family own business.

We are 3 generations of blacks belts. We continue to study under  Grandmaster Patricia Rodriguez &  President of Latin American Martial Arts Educational Institute Grandmaster Juan Rodriguez.



We believe everyone should have the opportunity to affordable martial arts training.  Being raised in Pilsen I understand the amount of limited activities in the neighborhood. Our prices  are very affordable and we will work with families who have limited income resources & offer very affordable payment plans. 

 Our mission is to provide a safe environment for the community where we educate our students & their families on living a healthy lifestyle by not only taking care of your bodies through the physical but also the mental and spiritual through the philosophy of the traditional Korean Martial Art of TaeKwonDo.


1.    Leave the ego at the door no one is better than anyone here, we are all human therefore treat others as you would             like to be treated.

2.    Remember that this is a safe space where someone was once a beginner  just like you & we are a judgment  free                 zone.

3.    Make sure all jewelry is removed for safety purposes.

4.    Make sure you wear comfortable clothing for your first class.

5.    Remember that this is a contact sport and like in all contact sports you may or may not have bumps & bruises.

6.    Taekwondo is also an art , therefore you will also learn the  art  and philosophy of Taekwondo.

7.    This is not a Ninja Program but you will be taught a deadly art & should not be mishandled.

8.    Keep your mind open to learn.

9.    Turn off all electronic devices as it's disrespectful when instructor is giving a class.

10.   HAVE FUN!


Karate Belt

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